I served our Country in the US Marine Corps, then flew as a Captain for Delta Air Lines, I served Pike County as County Commission Chairman, I have been a Pike County firefighter and emergency medical first responder for over 25 years, I now serve our community as Mayor of the City of Williamson, Georgia. I strive to maintain small government, low taxes, and community involvement while providing for the health, safety and welfare of our citizens.

My Background

2009 - Present
Chairman, Pike County Board of Commisioners
2004 - 2008
US Marine Corps
Delta Air Lines
Mayor of Williamson
Pike County Firefighter and Emergency Medical First Responder
1998 - Present


Ongoing Initiatives

Improving infrastructure and transportation for a better quality of life.

Community Events

Organizing festivals and gatherings to promote community engagement.

Economic and Workforce Development, Youth Involvement

Attracting new businesses and creating jobs for our residents includes encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting local startups. Actively involving youth is vital so Williamson thrives for generations to come.

Environmental Initiatives

Managing growth, protecting our environment and maintaining our beautiful scenery...